The Garage door is the biggest moving object in your home. Everybody takes it for granted, but when it breaks, it can cost you a lot of money in unnecessary repairs. There are lots of moving objects on your door and it should be tuned-up every year. That is why we offer a tune up special for $79. This is preventive maintenance to ensure your door works properly and safely. Because springs relax over time, they need to be re-tensioned. This is included in our tune-up along with tightening the nuts and lags, aligning the track and making sure they are straight and tight, applying grease or lube on all moving parts on the door, and inspecting the cables, drums, shaft, bottom fixtures, bearing plate, spring anchor bracket. Also making any other adjustments the door may need. Then we do a safety inspection in the opener to make sure the forces and limits are adjusted properly and reverses on contact so if something is accidentally left under the door, it reverses as it should.