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Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. People take their garage door for granted, forgetting that it is a mechanical device.  By the time the door or opener fails you may be into costly repairs.  Most companies have a $90 to $130 charge just to show up.  The best way to prevent this from occurring is with a Tune Up.  Yep, just like your car you should tune up your garage door and opener periodically.  Preventative maintenance every 1-2 years on your garage door and opener, wood or steel, is the best way to avoid those costly repairs.  

We offer a $79 Special Tune Up, which includes a full service on your garage door, springs, garage door opener and a safety inspection.  

Occasionally, a spring on your garage door may break.  When this happens, call us and we will schedule a spring replacement, and we will include FREE TUNE UP at the same time.  Not only that, we have a 3-Year Warranty on our springs which goes beyond the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Save yourself some time and money in the future and call us to schedule a Tune Up.