Garage Door Opener Repair in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA Area

If your garage door isn’t working the way it should, there’s a strong possibility the problem is a broken garage door opener. Best Overhead Door offers expert garage door opener repair in Tualatin, OR and Portland and surrounding areas. While a garage door has many moving parts, it is highly dependent upon a fully functional garage door opener.

Do I Need Garage Door Opener Repair?

While Best Overhead Door is proud to offer garage door opener repair in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. areas, it’s important to first make sure that it is your opener that is the problem. Some garage door opener repair companies may just go ahead and replace your garage door opener without correctly identifying if that is really what you need. Sometimes it is your door that needs to be repaired. Answering a few simple questions over the phone with Best Overhead Door can sometimes help us determine the problem and help fix it.

A free tune-up is always part of our garage door opener service.

How to Determine if You Need Garage Door Opener Repair Service

If you call us with concerns about your garage door opener, the first thing we will probably ask is for you to describe the problem you’re experiencing. Common issues are:

  • Garage Door Will Not Open
  • Garage Door Will Not Close
  • Garage Door Opening or Closing Very Slowly
  • Garage Door Is Sagging
  • Garage Door Is Making a Lot of Noise

These issues can have a number of different causes, but are a good starting place.

Let the Experts at Best Overhead Door Determine the Problem

Once we have identified the issue, we can start to look into whether it is the garage door or garage door opener in need of repair. If your garage door will not open or close, we will test the door by disconnecting the garage door opener and having you attempt to open or close the door manually. If you cannot open or close the door manually, the garage door opener is in all likelihood not the problem.

It is more likely that the garage door opener is the problem if your garage door is opening or closing very slowly when you engage the garage door opener. In order to test this, make sure there is adequate power is getting to the garage door opener, the garage door opener is securely on its track and the track is free of any debris that might be slowing the door down.

If the garage door is sagging, it is unlikely that this is an opener problem. Try opening the door about halfway and letting go. It should stay roughly in place. If it drops significantly, your problem is with the door system, not the opener.

If your garage door is making a lot of noise, you will want to try to listen to determine where the noise is coming from: the opener or the garage door itself.

If the problem is not with the garage door opener, some of the likely culprits will be worn out or broken torsion springs, a garage door that has gotten off the track, or damaged cables, hinges or rollers. If any of these are the problem, you may be able to identify them, but you will still need a qualified professional to make the repairs.

At Best Overhead Door, if we know what the problem is, it will enable us to be much more efficient both with quoting you a price and with effecting the repairs. Of course, if we can’t determine the problem over the phone, will be happy to come down and check out the situation, make a determination and provide you with an estimate for service at no cost to you.

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Whether you need garage door or garage door opener repair service in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR or surrounding areas, Best Overhead Door can provide quality repairs or a wide variety of replacement options. We are a leader among garage door and garage door opener repair companies in these areas because we carry the top brands, including Clopay®, LiftMaster®, and Genie® and have highly expert technicians for every job, prepared to do a top-notch installation of your new garage door or garage door opener. We always aim to give you the best product at the best price. Contact Best Overhead Door today.